Vasavi MCA & MBA College is a thriving college among the best MBA colleges in Andhra Pradesh with the faculty and students producing visible results for which the fraternity can be proud of. The milieu in the college is such that it encourages the faculty to actively participate in activities like scientific research projects, academic papers & patents, taking part in workshops that help update their subject knowledge, makes for an atmosphere very conducive to learning. In view of the dynamic atmosphere you expect from Andhra Pradesh top MBA colleges, it is not surprising when both students and as well as faculty produce tangible results. We honor the achievements, who have excelled in their endeavors and we are immensely proud of their success. Creates learning and working environments that encourage you to reach your potential and discover your unique purpose. Below are the stellar achievements of the VCE MBA department over the last few years.

1) Department of the MBA Stdents Won Trophy Cricket Trophy,